Our Company PLOKAT SA is situated in Porto Lagos port of Xanthi, since 2001, and is activated in construction of concrete floating pontoons / structures under the name of Swedish Constructing Company “SF MARINA SYSTEM Ab” (www.sfmarinaststem.se) since it has the special license “License to Construct” in Greece.

The above-mentioned Swedish Company is activated in the construction of floating systems made of concrete since 1980 (having installed floating systems in more than 600 places all over the world from North Europe to USA and Middle East to Asia). All the floating elements are made of concrete (BBK 94) and are certified with international quality standards, of buoyancy and stability (Germanisher Lloyd). More specifically, regarding the floating pontoons and breakwaters, the above mentioned company has the biggest experience in European market, continuously updating its models from 1984 up to nowadays, offering high level quality and an effective product.
Manufacture takes place at our Cast in plant, in a close storage area of 1.500m2, at Porto lagos Port, where products can be loaded directly on vessels.

Furthermore, the floating pontoons manufactures are according to the constructing drawings and quality specifications of «SF MARINA SYSTEM Ab». In addition to that, the personnel have been trained in the main factory of «SF MARINA» in Whallam, Sweden.

All raw materials which are used for the manufacture, following the International standard and our suppliers following the relevant specifications of quality.

The whole procedure of construction is following the special quality standards and Company PLOKAT SA is certified with ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate.

Up today at our Factory has constructed the main following projects:

  • Pithagorio Marina (Samos) 3 floating Jetties, type All Concrete 1024-10 & 1030-10 with total length 290m.
  • New Faliro Marina (Olympic Games 2004 project) 6 floating Jetties, type All Concrete 1030-10 Race Way with total length 312m.
  • Sani Marina (Sani Hotel) in Chalkidiki 7 floating Jetties, type All Concrete 1030-15 with total length 420m.
  • Amfiloxia Marina 136m Floating Pontoons, type Aluminum/Concrete and 100m type breakwater SF 300.
  • Palaiokastritsa Marina in Corfu Island 10 pcs Floating Pontoons, type All Concrete 1024-12.
  • Cleopatra Marina 11 pcs SF400-20, 2 pcs SF400-15, 4 pcs 1040-15, 1 pc 1040-20, 32 pcs Big Floats.
  • Prespes Lake 4 pcs SF 1024-15, 9 pcs SF 1024-16, 2 pcs SF 1230-15.
  • Marina Panagias at Xalkidiki 9 pcs SF 1024-12, 250m type of Eurodoc.
  • Marina at Patmos Island 100m SF 400 Breakwaters.
  • Commercial Pontoons at Larnaka & Limasol Port in Cyprus Island 120m Floating Pontoon, type SF 1240.
  • New Marina in New Peramos Kavala 90m Floating Pontoon, type SF 1030-15, 200m type of Eurodoc.
  • New Marina Of Kavala 240m of Floating Breakwater SF400, 270m Aluminum Pontoon and 570m Aluminum Fingers.
  • New Vasiliki Marina at Lefkas Island 220m of Floating Breakwater SF400, and 216m All Concrete Pontoon type SF1030.
  • New Marina at Porto Heli 410 m of Floating Breakwater SF400, 110 m of Floating Breakwater SF1260 and 300m All Concrete Pontoon type SF 2,40 STD

A complete list of all our Works with relevant photos from each one you will find on our website. We would also like to mention that the Company can offer a “turn key projects and any technical support may be required (after sale service) for the floating pontoons which is offering up to 15 years period.

Installation – pontoons anchoring
Our company’s specialized team made the installation and anchoring of floating pontoons. All the anchoring materials are new, hot deep galvanized and following the relevant quality certificates. An anchoring design made from a Special Engineer consultant and is certified by the Hellenic Register of Shipping.
Also our company are certified from SEAFLEX, to install SEAFLEX Anchoring System.

Products Warranty – Maintenance of the pontoons.
Our products are covered by one (1) Year warranty. We would also like to declare that this does not mean that the lifetime of the pontoon materials is only the warranty period. The lifetime of the concrete Pontoons, as well as the rest pontoon’s materials which are used (stainless or hot-galvanized parts, Tropical wood etc.) is estimated to be from 30 to 40 years. Moreover, connection lifetime is depending on the local conditions and the intense waving.
The name of «SF MARINA» in the International Market, is the most serious warranty, as is considered one Company with high quality products having many clients all over the world, who trust their products.
Due to the great lifetime of the main pontoon’s cast-in material, “concrete”, and the special connection pontoon’s system the maintenance cost is the minimum. The maintenance program concerns only the precautionary check of the joints, the chain, the shackles, the bollards and the fenders and not the pontoon itself.

For Plokat S.A.
Nikolas Aslanidis

Plokat Greek Projects:

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